FAQs A collection of frequently asked questions

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Below is a list of frequently asked questions

  • Which areas do you cover?

    Our offices are based in Lewes but we have carers situated in various parts of East and West Sussex. Turquoise Care (Sussex) has an ongoing recruitment programme to ensure good coverage. We are an independent provider of care, not a franchise or part of a chain so we are not limited to the areas we cover. We love Sussex and that is where our home is. Why not give us a call and see if we have carers near you?

  • What training do you provide for your Carers?

    Regardless of how experienced our carers are when they join Turquoise Care they are required to undergo initial training and induction. This includes training on using the latest equipment, moving and lifting and food safety and hygiene. They are then encouraged to obtain the Care Certificate within 20 weeks of starting and then to go on to achieve further qualifications. As carers become more qualified, they earn more as well. There are also information or training sessions specifically aimed to support carers for the type of customer they have.

  • Will I get the same care-giver each time?

    We match the caregiver to the service user, so we are keen that there is consistency in care. We know it can be disruptive and often confusing if several different carers call on separate occasions. We also believe that the building of trust and good relationships between the care-givers, the customer and their family is central to good care. There will be circumstances when another carer may call round, for instance if the main carer is unwell or taking annual leave. For 24 hour live- in care, one member of staff will periodically pass over to others so they work typically two weeks on, two weeks off.

    If you do not gel with a care-giver you can always request another one.

  • Who pays the carers?

    We will set up an account for us to invoice you for the care you receive. The carers are employed by Turquoise Care, so we manage PAYE, national insurance etc, and they are covered by our Employers’ Liability insurance.

  • What are your rates?

    Care is very individual, and the budget will vary accordingly. After a free, no obligation initial assessment we will draw up a plan and present you with a breakdown of cost, so you can decide about the care you require.

  • Can I get help with payment?

    Depending on your circumstances and the value of any assets you have there may be funds available to you from the Local Authority to pay, or partly pay for care.

  • What happens if my circumstances change?

    We will review the care plan with you and discuss options. If you have to go into hospital then we will cancel the calls and resume home care when you need it.

  • How do carers remember what my needs and interests are?

    The carers will get to know you and generally remember what your likes and dislikes are as well as the treatment schedule, but we also have back-up to ensure that mistakes are not made. The care-givers have electronic care plans which means that everything is logged and updated at each visit and is accessible by their mobile phone. This includes giving the carer a reminder about what medication needs to be administered at each visit and the ability to pass a person’s history over to another care should they not be able to visit themselves on occasion.

  • How can we trust a stranger in my own home?

    We hope that the carers will not be a stranger for long. However, the person will have an enhanced DBS background check updated as required. If, in the exceptional circumstance, that a care-giver is suspected of dishonesty or misconduct such as neglect, procedures are in place to work with the local authority and, if necessary the police to investigate. In the meantime, another carer will be allocated to you. We will monitor the quality of care through procedures that include surveys, telephone calls from the head office and spot checks.